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PS Os Gemeos

I really, really miss when Os Gemeos had their turn at the Houston Mural- it was by far the best and most complex as far as I’m concerned! But I can take solace in knowing that there is at least one unruined piece by the twins left in New York (not counting the splasherized ones in Williamsburg. Their collaboration at PS 11 with graf legend Futura still overlooks the playground a few blocks before the gallery madness of Chelsea takes over.


Set on the tree lined block, you almost feel alone with the piece, as opposed to the murals amidst the industrial gallery district just two blocks away. It also doesn’t hurt that the piece is 80 feet high! The familiar Os Gemeos yellow character is fused with Futura’s classic patterns, in an epic gift to the children of the school (and to us).

© Vincent Cornelli

Who: Os Gemeos and Futura

What: Collabo mural on PS 11

Where: 320 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. Marcos Lopez says:

    theres also a huge os gemeos mural in coney island… has been there years before this PS one….

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