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Art Walk at Extra Place

Extra Place, a little street off Bowery, was a disused alleyway just a few years ago, one of the few leftovers of pre-Bowery Hotel Bowery. Now the little space off 1st Avenue has become an artwalk. Funded by FABnyc, their program called ArtUp has been commissioning artists to paint murals directly on the ground, on rotation as the elements wear each mural away. Artists such as Jon Burgerman, Ellis Gallagher and Abe Lincoln Jr. and many others are activating the space that has a storied history from the 1800s to the punk era of the 70s. The new sprucing up faces The Proposition Art Gallery, a taco restaurant with fabulous Happy Hour Specials, and a now defunct artisan chocolaterie I’m still crying over.

CBGB’s back door let out in this alley, and makes you think about all the dirty deeds that must’ve gone down when the club was still open. But punk roots aside, the alley has history going way back to the 1800s. The Minthorne farm was divided up between 6 sons and 5 daughters, with a tiny strip leftover. When New York was transformed into the Great Grid, it literally became known as “Extra Street,” becoming “Extra Place” along the way. The alley was mostly industrial, but its covertness was the perfect venue for speakeasies during Prohibition. Then of course it was just another alley for the Bowery bums to pee in, until CBGBs came along.

Now those days are over. Mars Bar down the block is now torn down, CBGB’s is a store where men can buy jeans for $300, and East Village staple Veselka has opened a location across from Extra Place. The little street is now a space reclaimed for pedestrians. You can drink a margarita outside will looking at murals along the art walk.

What: Art Walk, Jon Burgerman, Ellis Gallagher and Abe Lincoln Jr.

Where: Extra Place, east of Bowery on 1st Street

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