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Roosterfish by Alexis Diaz

I was strolling through Venice this weekend, checking out Abbot Kinney and getting acquainted with the LA scene.  Abbot Kinney is a really fantastic street nestled into a hip LA beach town and full of boutiques, restaurants and galleries. Kind of like Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn but with Palm Trees.


On the corner of Abbot Kinney and Cadiz Ct., I ran into this great mural by Alexis Diaz entitled, Rooster Fish. Alexis Diaz (La Pandilla) is an Artist / Muralist from Miami by way of Puerto Rico. In addition to his solo work, Alexis often works collectively with his friend and fellow artist Juan Fernandez, under the name “La Pandilla” (The Gang).  Both artists are known for intricate line detail, splashes of vibrant color and the melding of fantastical animal imagery.


Alexis’ and his partner’s murals have been commissioned nationally in cities as divers as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Richmond and Miami and internationally, besides in the U.S., they’ve worked and exhibited in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea and dozens of other countries.  From the looks of it, Diaz and “La Pandilla”  have been busy last few months creating beautiful murals all over the Painted Desert in Arizona.


Who: Alexis Diaz

What: Roosterfish Bar

Where: 1302 Abbot Kinney Blvd. at Cadiz Ct., Venice, CA

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