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Who’s Hairy? The Hairy Who in Discussion at Matthew Marks Gallery


The Collected Hairy Who Publications, 1966-69 courtesy of Matthew Marks Gallery

Sometimes, an artist panel discussion comes along that speaks to everyone, and the exploration of the psychedelic works of the Hairy Who speaks to fans of graphic art, Mad Men and the Grateful Dead alike. Starting in the 1960s, the merger of the whimsical and the avant-garde led to the formation of the Hairy Who amongst the Chicago Imagists. Comprised of a group of six like-minded artists-Jim Falconer, Art Green, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Suellen Rocca, and Karl Wirsum-this collective was responsible for thought-provoking and visually arresting imagery.


Artwork by the Hairy Who, courtesy Matthew Marks gallery

Artwork by the Hairy Who, courtesy Matthew Marks gallery

Tonight at Matthew Marks, artists from the group will be present for a group discussion and panel around the publication “The Collected Hairy Who Publications, 1966-69”. Illustrative and immediate imagery is contained in the publication of collected masterworks by the group. There’s sure to be lively discussion centered around the group’s formative years and the influence they’ve extended beyond the years of psychedelia and lasting into the present day. Join me tonight at Matthew Marks to hear all about about the legacy of the Hairy Who.

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