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VIDEO: Orlan – Carnal Art

Orlan has always fascinated me. She has made herself art- not by removing a scroll from her vagina, sitting in a chair for a real long time, or spending a few hours in a room with a coyote each day. Instead, she has spent hundreds of hours, blood and dollars surgically transforming herself into elements of women from famous works of art (called The Reincarnation of Saint-Orlan)- which were male’s ideals of beauty at each time of the artwork’s creation. After dozens of surgeries, the 66 year old now has  the chin of Botticelli’s Venus, the nose of Jean-Léon Gérôme‘s Psyche, the lips of François Boucher’s Europa, the eyes of Diana (as depicted in a 16th-century French School of Fontainebleu painting), and the forehead of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa– among other things. Each surgery is filmed and part of the art- this lady is totally hard core.  She’s suing Lady Gaga for (facial?) plagiarism. She still can be seen floating around New York (I’ve seen her), Paris and LA. She’s the epitome of dedicating ones’ life to art. And here is her entire documentary- look, listen and learn, even if you think she’s crazy, she’s pretty fucking spectacular.


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