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VIDEO: Annika Connor’s Let’s Go Blue

You may know my friend Annika Connor for her lurid romantic paintings, her book Point Suite Contemporary Art, or one of her many acting roles- but she’s also an active impresario hoping to encourage you all to vote! Her self-produced video highlights regular people- and all the different kinds of Democrats that need your support to keep that orange imbecile out of office. Otherwise, see you in Berlin…

These lines, adapted from the video you see here, express both the frustrations felt by many voters today and the enduring optimism and enthusiasm motivating those who hear a call to action.

This video is created by a group of real voters who want real change. This is NOT a paid for political ad.

We are not stars, we are just real people from all stripes of life who make up the fabric of our democracy.

We want to see our country go blue and as a nation we want to ask you to stand with us, to vote with us, and to unite together to vote Democrat down ticket.

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