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Martha Cooper and ELLE push the limits of the streets in a collaborative installation.

Viewing: April 26-May 10, 2014
Location: 65 Meadow Street, Brooklyn, 11206
Opening Reception: April 26, 2014 7-10pm
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MECKA Gallery is pleased to announce UNEXTINGUISHED, a collaborative exhibition featuring legendary street photographer, Martha Cooper and internationally renowned street artist, ELLE. Both world travelers, the two meet in Bushwick, NYC to create a large-scale, site-specific installation that spans generations and mediums, a show that brings refinement to the gritty, where clean lines meet abstraction.

Sampling images from Cooper’s critically acclaimed book Street Play––a photojournalistic compilation of imaginative children at play during the late 1970s in NYC–– ELLE has created a unique set of gowns fabricated from paper that will be the center pieces of the exhibition. Along with acting as the “fabric” for the dresses, several of Cooper’s photographs and ELLE’s ubiquitous wheatpastes will adorn the walls of the warehouse space on a monumental scale. Martha and ELLE’s performance, recorded by Dega Films to be projected onto the gallery wall, is the last step in the making of the dresses and part of the overall body of work.

Fire extinguishers filled with paint, hazmat suits, pastel rainbows, mannequins, photographs, hand embellished prints, and gold plated wearable sculptures capture that which has been extinguished. The show collapses decades and brings to the forefront the work of two women working in different mediums.

In Street Play, children are documented turning trash into treasures and the streets into play spaces. Juxtaposed against today’s New York, the 1970s landscapes in Cooper’s photographs are barely recognizable. “Skelly,” a street game once popular amongst New York kids and featured prominently in Cooper’s book, will provide a formal geometric platform for the installation and exhibition.

Produced by Jerry Riggs, with video by Dega Films, materials sponsored by Liquitex, drinks provided by Sixpoint Brewery, and an exclusive special edition t-shirt release with MISHKA NYC will also be available. Conceptual meets graffiti in UNEXTINGUISHED.

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