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Tracey Emin Loves You

Finally a reason to go to Times Square. All you lovers and art lovers out there can’t celebrate the matters of the heart for a few minutes each night, YBA style. For the rest of February, the Times Square Arts and S[edition] have brought famed Young British Artist Tracey Emin’s piece, I Promise to Love You, to the advertising screens of Times Square. Six neon love messages take over the screens normally reserved for hawking jeans, lingerie and banking to the tourists that flock to the area. Who doesn’t love hearts and neon?


Art does take over the ads each night, but the sad thing is, it is only for two and a half minutes…you’d think that a piece by someone as big as Emin could warrant a little more importance, especially in the greatest art city in the world.


Art Nerd had a chance to meet the artist and ring in Valentine’s Day at 11:57 on February 13th. The best place to stand is just atop Max Neuhaus’ sound installation! Art Nerd it up times two! Make sure to check it before it is gone and get a fresh perspective of Times Square, you’ll thank me.

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  1. Amazing piece to see @TimesSquareNYC RT @artnerdnewyork: Tracey Emin Loves You – #artnerd

  2. The only reason I’d even consider going to Times Square – #TraceyEmin ‘I Promise to Love You’ via @ArtNerdNewYork

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