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TONIGHT: One Or the Other Opens at the High Line Loft

Opening tonight- the unstoppable Natalie Kates teams up with curator Anne Huntington for ONE OR THE OTHER, a two person show featuring the work of Jared Flaming and Eric Helvie. The opening is sponsored by VAGA Magazine and guaranteed to be a great bash. See you there!
hosted by
VAGA Magazine
Featuring new works by artists
Jared Flaming and Eric Helvie
curated by
Anne Huntington and Natalie Kates
Thursday, May 19th from 6-8pm
The Highline Loft
508 West 26th street 5th floor NYC
One Or The Other focuses on the ideas of pop culture, media and chaos in an effort to dig deep into the subconscious mind to find inspiration and artistic creativity.  Both artists photo-realistic works juxtaposed by color and iconography also embrace the psychoanalytical idea of unconscious desires via subliminal images.Flaming’s body of paintings involves placing both significant and banal images in an indeterminate space which, rather than offering up a coherent predominant interpretation, allow for a proliferating chain of meaning.  Art historical touchstones mingle with nondescript kitsch motifs in a reciprocal undermining of identities. Oversized wet paint strokes are deceptively rendered in a flat illusionistic manner that toys with perceptions of origins and authenticity.  Quick digital mark making is counter intuitively recreated tediously by hand. The result is a hall of mirrors where nothing seems definitive and precepts are suspect.

Helvie’s work deals directly with the act of seeing, obsessive looking, and optical ambiguity. Pulling from art history, television and film, his paintings act as props and icons: objects that glean meaning from their context and point to a larger system of understanding.

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