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Toe The Line Auction

What if you’re a cool artist and you have cool artist friends- and also an adorable kid? Duh, you organize an epic auction to help benefit your kid’s public school. And so this is what Logan Hicks did to help his kid Sailor’s school, PS 132. The ebay auction just started, with works by :

C215 (France)?Chris Stain (New York)?Dabs/Myla (Los Angeles)?Eric Haze (New York)?Faile (New York)?Fantin Leroux (France)?Joe Iurato (New Jersey)?Logan Hicks (New York)?HowNosm (New York)?Martha Cooper (New York)?Moses Gates (New York)?Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles)?Sergio “Surge” Hernandez (San Diego)?Saber (Los Angeles)?Swoon (New York)?Silent UK (UK)?TEOS (UK)


Super loving the origin on the title-

“Toe the Line” is a nautical saying that was used when sailors were called to line up at attention, their toes touching a seam in the deck planking. The saying has become a metaphor meaning ‘to rise to the occasion’. This auction is held on behalf of Sailor Hicks, the son of Logan Hicks and Kristen Zarcadoolas.
Go bid on some stuff!


Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks

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  1. Artist + cool dad @_LoganHicks_ has organized a sweet auction of incredible artists to support his son’s school

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