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Today at 12- Google Hang w Logan Hicks and the Pera Museum Istanbul

Today from noon til 1 get digital and hang with Logan Hicks and the superstars from the Pera Museum in Istanbul, where Logan was one of many amazing artists last summer for the Language of the Wall exhibition. Sit in the Google chat for the discussion on street art in the museum setting. Check it out here! See you at noon!


Join us May 4th at 4pm GMT/12pm EST for a live Art Talk with Pera Museum in Istanbul about Street Art in the Museum.

The talk will explore the staging of a street art / graffiti exhibition in a museum setting, as well as the digitization of said artworks. The question of bringing urban art into an institutional setting will be discussed, as well as the permanence granted by digital documentation of artworks which normally tend to be ephemeral in nature.

Bihter Ayla Serttürk / Digital Media Supervisor, Pera Museum
Fatma Çolakoğlu / Exhibition Coordinator, Pera Museum
Tania Bahar / Exhibition Coordinator, Pera Museum
Logan Hicks / Artist
Roxanne Ayral / Exhibition Curator, freelance

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