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Time and Again/ Retrograde Paradoxes

CENTRAL BOOKING is presenting a panel discussion Time and Again/ Retrograde Paradoxes, including theoretical physicist Dr. Frederic Denef, light sculpture and media artist Chris Jordan, painter and printmaker Ellen Wiener, and book artist and composer Thomas Parker Williams. These experts will talk about their work in the context of time and its many interpretations, in conjunction with the present exhibition in the Haber Space, Time and Again.

Time Evite-Feb-2014

Time is a fundamental dimension of our universe that is more complex than simple measurements of ticks on a clock. Einstein discovered that time and space is inseparable and observer dependent, changing according to points of reference. Common sense perceives time as a one way street from past to future along the present continuum, where the arrow of causality determines our physical space. However causality violations are very real and have been detected in quantum measurements; these paradoxes continue to challenge the imagination of artists, philosophers, writers and scientists. “Time dilation, elongation of space, retro-causality, nested times, time reversal symmetries, observer dependent now and the holographic universe all seem to be aspects of the marvelous debate and depiction of time/space dimensionality” said panel moderator and writer Carlos Cuellar Brown. In an effort to sort through some of these paradoxes, CENTRAL BOOKING invites you to an evening of time-based discussion.

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