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“The Swimming Lesson” by Ryan Myers – BUY IT NOW!

We love New York based artist Ryan Myers’ cute yet slightly twisted drawings of little children up to no good.  In the piece titled “The Swimming Lesson”, a little boy dunks (or drowns?) a little girl in his blow up dinosaur kiddie pool all while gazing innocently out at us.  This sinister little scene will have you pondering what is really going on here. Is there more to this story?  Most importantly, if I buy it will it keep away all the evil children that may start making appearances in my nightmares?  It will make a good conversation piece that’s for sure. This original pencil on paper comes framed and ready to hang for just $150. To learn more about Ryan and his work, check out the interview we did with him a while back..  More work by the artist can be found here.



3 Responses to ““The Swimming Lesson” by Ryan Myers – BUY IT NOW!”
  1. love this!! want want want

  2. Linda R M says:

    I own a copy of “Naptime was his Kryptonite” and Ryans work are pieces you just do not get tired of looking at. Depending on my day and my own mood the piece promotes a series of emotions and ideas about what is going on behind those eyes. I am a fan ~ I love Ryans work and I spend quite a lot of time forming stories of his paintings. Rock On Ryan!!

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