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The Launch of Curiator

As everything in real life is seemingly moving to the internet, so is art collecting and curating. Curiator just launched, an online platform for collecting and assembling a body of art work, like Pinterest, but instead art world centric, with easy reading (as in you can trace an art work to artist, gallery, location etc.) What do you think? Wave of the future?





Designed for art enthusiasts and professionals alike, Curiator is a digital, collaborative art collection to which people contribute their favorite art and where they discover an ever-expanding inventory of works and curated rooms.

Curiator was developed to nurture the appreciation of art and maximizes the potential brought by social media in the exploration of past and contemporary visual art. Curiator will launch its mobile app in May 2014.

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  1. Matt G says:

    This looks pretty rad actually “: The Launch of Curiator –”

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