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The Image Gallery Redux: 1959 – 1962

Long before Instagram allowed you to follow the careers of your favorite photographers in the palm of your hand, there was a hardworking little photo gallery in a small storefront on East 10th Street. Howard Greenberg Gallery is presenting “The Image Gallery Redux: 1959-1962,” a retrospective look at the now-defunct cornerstone of photography exhibition in New York, The Image Gallery, and the artists it introduced us to. “Redux” will showcase 21 photographers whose work was shown at the legendary gallery, including Saul Leiter, Duane Michals and Garry Winogrand. We Art Nerds are particularly psyched about this exhibition which combines two of our great loves: New York and really good photography. Catch the opening at Howard Greenberg Gallery on January 9, from 6-8pm.

Simpson Kalisher, Untitled, 1961.

Simpson Kalisher, Untitled, 1961.

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  1. Love old photos – so much thought and work put into them!

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