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The Fuse is Lit

It is no secret that Lit Lounge is one of my least favorite places in New York. I used to be forced to go there all the time by my former employer. It smells, I feel old there (since everyone is underage), the floor is slick with a mix of barf, sweat and cocaine, and I once found a garbage bag full of donuts on my jacket when I left it on a bench in the basement. (I know, about half of you are like WHOA THAT SOUNDS AWESOME, but not I). HOWEVER, the bar has its redeeming qualities- mostly that Fuse Gallery is located in the back of it. You can take a side entrance or march through the 19 year olds (like I said, some of you will now say that sounds even MORE awesome).

fuse fusefeat

Despite being in the back of a bar, Fuse has put on some pretty sweet shows including a bunch of my friends like photographer Derek Watson, Jean Labourdette (Turf 1), Max Rippon (RIPO) as well as Henry Lewis, Aliya Naumoff, Adam Wallacavage and you get the picture. There’s also an Adam Wallacavage octopus chandelier in Lit’s stairwell, as well as an HR Giger sculpture in the booth near the gallery entrance, if you’re into that sorta thing.

fuse3 fuse2

What: Fuse Gallery

Where: in the back of Lit Lounge,93 2nd Ave # A, New York, NY 10003

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