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The Forgotten Mistress of Art Deco

Hildreth Meière was a high society muralist and mosaicist partially responsible for bringing the glorious Art Deco style to New York City, defining the elegance of the era. You probably miss the three medallions by Meière’s that adorn Radio City Music Hall as you rush by the tourist-heavy area each day on your way to work. The colorful emblems, depicting dance, drama and song, were created by the Art Deco goddess in 1932, and stretch to 18 feet wide. The pieces bring to mind the golden era of glamor in New York, where Art Deco bled from architecture to art to fashion, and everyone just looked damn good. Meière was highly celebrated in the 30s for her Art Deco aesthetic, but for some reason has been nearly forgotten.

HIldreth1 HIldreth3 HIldreth2

Who: Hildreth Meière

What: Dance, drama and song medallions

Where: Radio City Music Hall 50th Street Facade, 1260 Avenue of the Americas

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  1. Hildreth says:

    Thanks Lori for blogging about my grandmother!

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