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The Exuberant Edwardian Police Station

I’ve always loved this incredibly ornate domed building on Centre Street and nearly died when I found out it is now apartments! Built in 1909 by Hoppin & Koen in the “exuberant Edwardian Style,” it served as the Police Headquarters until 1973, then sat vacant for most of the 80s until being converted into apartments in 1988. The building replaced an older Police Headquarters where Teddy Roosevelt served as New York City Police Commissioner. The Beaux Arts/Baroque building is over the top, made back when being lavish was celebrated and buildings were made to not only last, but to be beautiful, regardless of their use.


The dome at the top is actually an apartment, which blows my mind and conjures a zillion movies of New York 100 years ago- agh! I need to make friends with the person who lives there.┬áDon’t worry, the dream can be yours- there is a 3 bedroom apartment available, for $20,000 a month.

Police-apartments2 Police-apartments

Who: Hoppin & Koen

What: Edwardian Police Headquarters Apartments

Where: 240 Centre Street

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