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The Artist Who Left New York at Clocktower/Pioneer Works

The awesome Clocktower Gallery has taken residence in Dustin Yellin’s creative vortex, Pioneer Works in Red Hook. Their first collaboration show features the work of almost forgotten artist, Dale Henry.


Dale Henry: The Artist Who Left New York

Co-presented by Clocktower Gallery and Pioneer Works
Curated by Alanna Heiss, Dustin Yellin, and Richard Nonas

Opening: Saturday, January 18, 2-8 PM
Dale Henry was a respected figure in the New York post-Minimalist art scene from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s. A largely self-trained painter, his conceptual work with paint, resin, glass, and wood was exhibited at leading institutions like the Clocktower Gallery and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.
But in 1986, disenchanted with an increasingly commercialized art world, he left New York and moved to a remote Virginia town where he ceased making work, dedicating himself instead to obsessively organizing and annotating his oeuvre. When, in 2011, he died as a nearly forgotten artist, he bequeathed that oeuvre to Alanna Heiss and the Clocktower Gallery, on the condition that the work be kept from any commercial venture or appraisal, or else be destroyed. Dale Henry: The Artist Who Left New York is the product of that promise and the preservation of the artist’s last radical act: to leave the commercial art world behind. The show includes works installed at the Clocktower Gallery in the fall of 2013, as well as pieces that have not been exhibited since the 1970s, and some that will be shown for the very first time.

In keeping with Dale Henry’s last request, none of his works will ever be sold. At the show’s close, select exhibited works will be given to fellow artists.

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