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Art at Yotel

Hanging out on 42nd Street may not seem like my area of choice, but there’s indulgent futuristic design and art to be had at Yotel. Far enough away from Times […]

All Made Up: Zach Hyman’s Mythologies at YOTEL

The glossy photos present an archive on the wall in front of you: parafictions laid out from end to end. Photographs document┬áseveral discarded items found in the hotel’s lost-and-found division: […]

Zach Hyman Media Flow

A little bit of art is sure to bring us a #littlebitofhappy! ‘Media Flow’ — Zach Hyman’s new, playful installation -inhabited the Green Lounge on FOUR. The colorful piece, commissioned […]

Zach Hyman’s Balls at Yotel

SO MANY BALLS! You only have a week to experience artist Zach Hyman‘s plastic ball explosion called “Media Flow” at Midtown’s Yotel. It is absolutely hard to resist fondling the […]

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