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VIDEO: Interview with Frank O’Hara

Lit Nerd Wednesday! I love when LitNerd and ArtNerd worlds collide. So many writers overlapped these scenes so it’s always a treat to find in-depth examples — below is an […]


Most people I know say “What the hell is that thing? What is it counting?” as they point to the smoking, giant wall piece that is posted on the south […]

Max’s Kansas City- Like no other

Its so weird that the weird deli place called Bread & Butter  was once the coolest hang out in New York (or anything on Park Avenue South for that matter). […]

Warhol’s High Security Factory

After the whole Valerie Solanas shooting Warhol incident, the Factory was packed up and moved up the block to a higher security building. Bullet proof doors, closed-circuit surveillance, and secret […]

Metronome is Dirrrrrrty

It seems that Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel’s giant “what the hell?” Metronome Sculpture was dirty-very dirty this week! I was more than surprised to see the cleaning crew!  

Jaehyo Lee’s Wood Slicing in Union Square

The pedestrian island across from the chaos of Union Square is home to a somewhat serene sculpture for the next few months. Jaehyo Lee’s smoothed woodcut pieces burst upward, like a […]

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