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VIDEO: Trong Gia Nguyen’s Artists Commercials

Wheeling and dealing art! Loving Trong Gia Nguyen’s “Artists Commercials”- let’s make a deal! a good arty laugh for the afternoon.

Message in a Bottle at Scope Art Show Miami

Hello from sunny Florida! We are killin’ it in our booth here in Miami! It came out so amazingly thanks to the expert design skills of Beau Stanton and Chantel […]

Message in a Bottle at Scope Miami

I’m very excited for the booth I curated for Scope Miami, opening December 2nd. Message in a Bottle explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it […]

Trong Gia Nguyen and Rebecca Reeve at Charles Bank Gallery

Gallery season is here! Tonight, Charles Bank Gallery kicks it off with a group show including our buddies, Trong Gia Nguyen and Rebecca Reeve. After the show make sure to try […]

Collective Affection at Hotel Particulier

I love Hotel Particulier and all that it stands for- a mesh of exhibition space with art salon, encouraging the free flow of ideas, and above all conversation! Interesting yet […]

Every Which Way But Loose VIP Opening

I’m so excited to participate in this year’s artMRKT Hamptons Fair, curating an outdoor sculptural installation for QF Gallery. Join us tonight for the VIP opening and after party by […]

I’m Gonna Be in artMRKT Hamptons! Come visit!

Guess what? I’ve been asked to curate an outdoor sculpture project by  QF Gallery for next week’s artMRKT Hamptons Art Fair! I’ll divulge more soon, but I’ve pulled together a […]

Trong Gia Nguyen

We love you Trong Gia Nguyen! You were our pick yesterday for ArtFetch with your sassy self pleasuring ping pong table!

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