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Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk

Tony Goldman, Henry Chalfant, Swoon, Francoise Schien, Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk, 110 Green Street, Soho art

The late Tony Goldman’s headquarters in Soho is chock full of art, from Henry Chalfant and Swoons in the lobby, to every inch of each tenants’ spaces on every floor. […]

Ken Hiratsuka’s Carved Granite Sidewalk in Noho

The late patron of the arts, Tony Goldman, left his mark on New York City, and is probably best known for making the wall on Houston and Bowery a rotating […]

A SoHo Collection

The late Tony Goldman was one of the first investors in the then-Bohemian Soho scene (which some see as good and some as bad…) Whether you’re on the side of […]

Mural Wall on Houston

Bla Zes I'm fuckin trashed! Goodnight!

In 1982, the large slab of concrete wall on Houston was put into the history books by Keith Haring, when he painted  a 30 foot mural on it, choosing the […]

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