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Fragments of Infinity: Douglas Gordon at Park Avenue Armory

The lighting scheme from MoMA’s Rain Room (2013). Fragmented musical scores realized on broken player pianos. Once the initial disorientation was overcome, the recently closed Park Ave Armory exhibition tears become…streams become… by Douglas Gordon offered visitors fragmented silence and an […]

Time and Again/ Retrograde Paradoxes

CENTRAL BOOKING is presenting a panel discussion Time and Again/ Retrograde Paradoxes, including theoretical physicist Dr. Frederic Denef, light sculpture and media artist Chris Jordan, painter and printmaker Ellen Wiener, and book […]

James Turrell Illuminates at the Guggenheim

When I first walked into the Guggenheim’s rotunda and took a look around the iconic room, my first thought was, “What did I get myself into?” People were lying on […]

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