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Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk

Tony Goldman, Henry Chalfant, Swoon, Francoise Schien, Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk, 110 Green Street, Soho art

The late Tony Goldman’s headquarters in Soho is chock full of art, from Henry Chalfant and Swoons in the lobby, to every inch of each tenants’ spaces on every floor. […]

Earth Room by Walter DeMaria

Walter deMaria, Earth Room. Land art, DIA foundation

There are a few things I am slightly obsessed with. At least to the point that I force friends to at least attempt mutual appreciation- Edward James. Niagara Falls (especially […]

JR’s Back in NY

Paris-based street artist, JR & his crew are back in NY. They’ve been pasting in Soho and teasing us on Instagram until their big reveal on March 5th, 2013. photo […]

Survival of Serena

Carole A. Feuerman’s super realistic sculptures have been art fair favorites over the past few years, and now everyone can enjoy her work thanks to the Parks Department. On the […]

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