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A Movable Dance: Dances for a Variable Population Wanders Harlem in “10027”

Thursday night kicked off the first of three nights of performance for the dance troupe Dances for a Variable Population’s June 2015 performance of 10027. Part nomadic amble, part celebration […]

Linda Cunningham’s Urban Oasis at Westchester Square in the Bronx

Amorphous forms hover in the traffic island near East Tremont Ave, beckoning pedestrians to approach and encounter an industrial ecosystem within the urban terrain. Twisted steel beams rise up among […]

Jean DuBuffet’s Group of Four Trees Sculpture

Many public works are located in the historic Financial District, with all the promenades surrounding the corporate offices; it is a perfect place for public sculpture and what not. You’ll […]

What If? 8 Places Christo Could Let New Yorkers Walk on Water

I was one of many who celebrated with a happy dance when I saw the news that Christo is building The Floating Piers, a floating walkway in Lake Iseo allowing visitors […]

Topical Tuesday: What Happens When Public Art Is Not Publicly Lauded?

Public outcry in New York City is generally directed more toward pedestrian concerns affecting personal budgets, such as the MTA fare hike, but when it touches on the arts, particularly […]

Keith Haring – Crack is Wack!

There are a few places in New York where you can feel like you’ve transported back in time for just a second- when Keith Haring was still ruling New York […]

ExchangeWorks and Art+Public a Treat for Artists and Audience

When I first came across the ExchangeWorks website, it was like running into a hydra in real life (albeit a friendly hydra!) Approaching from all sides are a variety of services, […]

Seeds of Change: “Pod” Installation at Dyckman Street in Inwood (Manhattan)

The next time you’re heading to Fort Tryon Park or the Cloisters, take the A train to Dyckman street and walk the half block to the intersection of Riverside Drive, […]


Working in bronze, one would expect Cragg’s Walks of Life  sculptures (currently at Madison Square park through Feb 2015) to feel heavy and forbidding. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that encountering […]


Encountering Nonuments, the Lance Fung-curated portion of Washington DC’s monumental 5×5 Projects (Sept-Dec 2014), the casual visitor experiences a sense of disorientation. On one side you have your newly minted […]

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