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Rondo by Tony Rosenthal

Tony Rosenthal’s minimalist (and mostly boring) steel public sculptures dot New York City. The giant bronzed wheel, “Rondo”, 1969, was originally displayed at 110 East 59th Street and later moved […]

Peace Fountain of Allegory

St John the Divine at 112th St is worth a pilgramage- for art. Aside from the famed Haring altar piece, the cathedral is flanked by a giant allegorical sculpture that […]

Keith Haring Two Dancing Figures

I do love Lower Manhattan, I love wandering around and looking up at the ornate architecture like a tourist, I love reading the placards placed around indicating where the water’s […]

Jaehyo Lee’s Wood Slicing in Union Square

The pedestrian island across from the chaos of Union Square is home to a somewhat serene sculpture for the next few months.¬†Jaehyo Lee’s smoothed woodcut pieces burst upward, like a […]

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