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Iconic: See Edith Piaf Through Victoria Yu’s Eyes at Dejavu Gallery

Victoria Yu lovingly surveys her exhibit at Dejavu gallery, taking in the paintings before answering my question. Her vast portrait series of singer and icon Edith Piaf,┬ácompleted in just 7 […]

Imaginary Portraits: Prince Igor

In conjunction with a new production of the opera Prince Igor, the first Met production of the work since 1917, Gallery Met has compiled an impressive group show featuring work […]

The Lodge Gallery presents Noah Becker

It feels too soon to make an Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground joke (RIP Lou) in reference to Noah Becker‘s latest solo exhibition of Pop Art-esque portraits. But the parallels are everywhere […]

Past the Pillars of Hercules

Before the “selfie” there was the self-portrait. The advent of photography changed everything for artists. But with experiments in new media pushing art forward, some artists are choosing to look […]

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