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Iván Navarro’s Reservoir Towers are up!

Have you seen the latest Mad. Sq. Art contemporary art program? My light crush and socio-politically charged artstar Iván Navarro has been hard at work getting this amazing installation up! Can’t […]

The Artist Multiple from MutualArt

You may or may not know I’m a regular contributor to This week’s article is particularly Art Nerdy, as I’ve rounded up artist multiples and editions sites where would […]

PICS: #GettyStation Taken Over by Sheep Meadow

We hopped over to Francois-Xavier Lalanne’s Sheep Station again this weekend and took a bunch of fun pics. Enjoy!

Sheep Station

The cabbies on 10th Avenue must be collectively shitting their pants. The always so congested gas station on 24th is soon to be a luxury condo, but first, a meadow. […]

Junkies’ Promises Opens Tonight

Tonight, the Paul Kasmin Gallery will introduce Junkies’ Promises, a group exhibition inspired by William S. Burroughs’ 1953 novel, Junky, in which he details the life of a heroin addict […]

Scharf on Norfolk

Tucked down on a quiet block of Norfolk Street (this and the blocks east of it are my favorites on the Lower East Side) is a trippy swirling public mural […]

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