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This is my absolute FAVORITE Picasso piece ever- Moulin de la Galette. As you can see its not very Picasso-y (which is why I love). It is an early work […]

Leandro Erlich’s Upside Down Installation

Throw back Tuesday to 2012! What a great art trip-   Until an Art Nerd Traveler is in the cards, I’m going to abuse my blog to tell you about […]

I Love Loie

I probably write about Loie Fuller on every platform I’ve ever had, but I’m just so into her. I first saw this video at an Art Nouveau exhibition at the […]

Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry might as well be the sandman ( in a non-creepy horror film way); his videos are like mini breaks from reality with scenes stolen from hyperactive dreams. He […]


While everyone’s been waiting with baited breath to see just what Banksy does next, I’ve taken a break to stalk French Street Artist, Levalet. After my friends sent me some […]

[VIDEO] BERLIN ART LINK SERIES: Interview with Fayçal Baghriche

BAL “On the Road Series”: FAYÇAL BAGHRICHE from Berlin Art Link on Vimeo. Interview by Mara Satore (My Art Guide) Filming/Editing by Peter Cairns In Dubai; Thursday, June 14, 2012 […]

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