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Social Justice, Social Art: Restoring Honor to the Oscar Lopez Rivera Mural in East Harlem

Oscar Lopez Rivera : an iconic Puerto Rican community activist whose presence was significantly felt in both New York and Chicago. His legacy lives on here in New York City […]

What’s Your Story: The Strangers Project Comes to The Fountain Gallery

It’s an oft-recited truth that everyone has a story, but rarely (especially as New Yorkers) do we stop to really engage the narratives around us. However, Brandon Doman of The […]

Metronome is Dirrrrrrty

It seems that Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel’s giant “what the hell?” Metronome Sculpture was dirty-very dirty this week! I was more than surprised to see the cleaning crew!  

Weird, Awesome or Enlightening? “Participatory Walks” with @ElasticCity

This August, Elastic City is offering up unique “participatory” walks by internationally acclaimed artists.  Its not clear if these tours are: a) nonsensical performance art pieces b) bizarre history tours […]

IDEAS CITY Festival: Conference

Mark you calendars, IDEAS CITY is a four-day Festival that looks really awesome! The Conference is dedicated to the exploration of Untapped Capital. It will focus on four areas where […]

The Affordable Art Fair

This year was my first time visiting the Affordable Art Fair, and my apologies in advance, for posting after the fair has finished, but at least it’s informative for those […]

The Poser Adapts: NYC to Costa Rica

Alter ego, performance artist, red carpet wannabe, call her what’d you like, butThe Poser, created by artist Anne Grauso, more than anything, is socio-cultural commentary exposing and poking fun of […]

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