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Lee Bontecou is Frightening

Lee Bontecou’s futuristic and ominous works are at once painting and sculpture. Made from steel frames and recycled canvas (like conveyor belts and mail sacks, rather than fine artist’s canvas), […]

JR’s Les Bosquets with New York City Ballet

We loved the New York City Ballet‘s collaboration with JR earlier this year- and so did they. The NYCB has asked JR to choreograph a series of dances, which will […]

JR for New York City Ballet

This year, French artist JR will be partnering with the New York City Ballet for their artist series at the awesome Lincoln Center. Last year’s collaboration was with Faile, and […]

Les Ballets de Faile- Ce Soir!

it has finally arrived- my turn to go to Les Ballets de Faile! In the time honored tradition of meshing visual arts with the ballet (Picasso’s banner from Mercure still […]

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