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If the World Changed- The Singapore Biennale 2013

From my latest on MutualArt This year’s Singapore Biennale 2013 takes on a socio-environmental tone, asking both artists and guests to reconsider solutions, outcomes and visions for our changing world. In […]

The Artist Multiple from MutualArt

You may or may not know I’m a regular contributor to This week’s article is particularly Art Nerdy, as I’ve rounded up artist multiples and editions sites where would […]

MutualArt- Studio Life: Inside The Artist’s Studio with Sarah Trigg

Another from MutualArt, I peep Sarah Trigg’s new book, STUDIO LIFE. Click the link for the full story.   From Will Cotton’s studio. All pictures courtesy of Sarah Trigg. An […]

Art for the People on MutualArt

I recently wrote this piece on some picks of public art around the world for! Urban life can be hectic and exhausting, with many of us commuting from point […]

Listen / Hear / Create: A Short History from MutualArt

Here’s a recent article I wrote on Sound Art for The genre of sound art is still a relatively intimidating one, with even art and art history enthusiasts shying […]

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