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New Shepard Fairey Mural Hits Philly

Philly is pretty darned pleased with its new Shepard Fairey mural.  It’s like a Obey Giant jumbotron in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. It’s called ‘Lotus Diamond’ and it’s Fairy’s first […]

A Walk Through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

There’s nothing quite like Isaiah Zagar’s (award-winning mosaic mural artist) mosaic playground… this past week the Magic Gardens hosted a benefit for Garden Sips – a great night out to support PMA’s annual […]

Graffiti Artist CRASH Gives Houston & Bowery Some POP

I love the evolution of the wall at Houston & Bowery.  Last week it was a tribute to graffiti photographer, Martha Cooper and this week, Graffiti Artist CRASH turned it into a pop-art […]

Italian artist, Alice Pasquini arrives in Bushwick

  Italian street artist, Alice Pasquini has landed in Bushwick, leaving her largest mural in the U.S. at Five Points. It’s called “As Much as You Can”. “It’s dedicated to all […]

JR’s Back in NY

Paris-based street artist, JR & his crew are back in NY. They’ve been pasting in Soho and teasing us on Instagram until their big reveal on March 5th, 2013. photo […]

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