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Dan Flavin at Dia

The Dia Foundation‘s Chelsea headquarters may be gone, but the building remains to be used by the arts (most recently for the Outsiders Art Fair). Aside from continuing to be […]

The Venus Demilos of Midtown

Walking down 6th Avenue near MoMA, you come across a triplicate of a familiar site. Three varying sized Venus de Milos stand in line along the plaza, but something about […]

Noguchi’s Waterfall

The devil’s number may be 666, but in the lobby of the Fifth Avenue building bearing this address is a little slice of meditative heaven. Simply called “Ceiling and Waterfall” […]


While you’re reading this, I am checking out the press preview of Bjork’s new solo exhibition at MoMA (I’d hate me too). The folks at Volkswagen created an augmented audio […]

Volkswagen x MoMA: Arty Courses Online for Everyone

Last week, Volkswagen and MoMA treated me to a night out, including a private tour of the current Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs (which I loved…I never really “got” his cut […]

MoMA’s Garden Party this Tuesday

Party People! Well, the ones with money…tomorrow is MoMA’s annual Garden Party. We got tix last year, and believe me its a blast. This year honors Daniel Craig and Steve […]

Moving Forward Pop-Up

Keep the heart warming goodness of Valentine’s Day going, and join The Triangle and MoMA for a unique pop up art exhibition that empowers artists with disabilities. Have a heart […]

Andrea Zittel at The Modern

Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, Andrea Zittel, Andrea Rosen Gallery, Mickalene Thomas, The Modern Restaurant

With the epic Mickalene Thomas piece now gone, the window in front of The Modern restaurant next to MoMA had big shoes to fill. Enter Andrea Rosen Gallery. Currently on […]

Mickalene Thomas- Le Dejeuner

We so miss the piece that was in the picture window outside the 53rd Street residence in front of The Modern Restaurant which was by one of my favorite artists- […]

Congrats Molly Crabapple!!

We nerds at Art Nerd are over the moon to hear that Molly Crabapple’s “May Day General Strike” print was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art!!! Congrats lady, you […]

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