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Sebastian Errazuriz takes on #MidnightMoment- A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps

Artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz is incredible- I love everything from his Sandy-inspired T-shirts to his furniture that contorts like a rippling wave. So it came as no surprise to me that […]

#MidnightMoment with Noah Hutton’s Brain City

A new month, an hour more, and a new film for Times Square’s #MidnightMoment. This month, Noah Hutton’s Brain City will take over the screens in Times Square every night […]

Yorgo Alexopoulos at Times Square Midnight Moment

Crap, it’s already June. That mean’s Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment has changed over! This month’s feature three minute film that takes over the ad screens from 11:57 to midnight […]

Binocular Menagerie at Midnight Moment

Guy! Times Square’s Midnight Moment is 2 Years old! And they’re celebrating with a fantastic menagerie! MARVELOUS! Every night in May from 11:57-midnight, Leslie Thornton‘s Binocular Menagerie will take over the […]

PLAYTIME at Times Square Midnight Moment

December’s Midnight Moment in Times Square will be a little more intense than usual, with the complex narrative PLAYTIME by Isaac Julien that spans three capital cities- London, Reykjavik and Dubai. […]

Ezra Wube’s Midnight Moment- Get Yourself to Times Square

Midnight Moment is back! I love that the Times Square Arts has been featuring projects lately that feel like what its like to be a New Yorker- and how the […]

Ryan McGinley in Times Square

Yes, I’m always trying to get you to go to Times Square for art, but I can’t help it, I just love what the Times Square Arts is doing, ok? […]

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