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Save the date- Rock Paper Scissors to benefit Lower East Side Girls Club

Manhattan has become a playground for the rich (and largely boring), so many of us forget that there are still communities that need our help while we are gallivanting from […]

Artist Michael Alan Talks Depression

In order to raise the art community up, the quality of art, and the existence of our people, we The Living Installation have to start to fight depression within our community. […]


Tis the season to experience another Michael Alan Living Installation, for hours and hours of drawing, socializing with fellow art appreciators, imbibing and of course experiencing the genius that is […]

It’ s Alive! Michael Alan’s Living Installation Strikes Again

Michael Alan is the kind of buoyant, visionary artist that comes around once in a generation. His constant innovation and creative interdisciplinary genius inspires all who meet him. And for […]

Tonight, Nosh, Gobble, Scarf

The beautiful and talented Ashley Garner has co-curated a not to miss three day art event opening tonight on the Lower East Side which guarantees to be not one to […]

Celebrate Michael Alan- February 24 + 25

Save the dates! On February 24th and 25th head over to Gasser Grunert Gallery (33a Orchard Street) to experience all things that are Michael Alan. On the 24th, Michael shares his new works, […]

Michael Alan’s Living Installations Make Me Feel Alive. A Rambling About New York Today

I left New York for only 3 months this summer, headed to Berlin to finish writing a book in a quieter environment. When I got back at the end of […]

Michael Alan’s Living Installation at the Epic House of Collection

Tomorrow night is your change to experience something other worldly in New York, Michael Alan’s epic Living Installation will be hosted at the legendary House of Collection in Williamsburg. If […]

Michael Alan’s Living Installation: Come and Be You.

Sometimes its weird for me to write about art. I mean, it is all an individual experience, supremely personal and interpreted differently by everyone. Some people just don’t get it, […]

Michael Alan’s Birthday and Closing Party at Succulent Studios

Tomorrow is your last chance to see the PALABRA show at Greenpoint’s Succulent Studios with amazing oversized installations like the epic boat by Beau Stanton, cube by Rubin and balloon-fun by Katie Balloons. […]

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