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Like most 1980s art meccas in New York, the epic Danceteria club, where Keith Haring was a busboy, is of course now luxury condos. Madonna worked there as a hat […]

Club 57

Long before St. Marks turned into a smattering of random Asian places (it was all over the day Coney Island High closed and SUPERCUTS opened up- I’m still upset), it […]

Mudd Club

Everyone who became someone hung out at Tribeca’s Mudd Club from 1978 until 1983. The loft itself was owned by Ross Bleckner, the fourth floor was a gallery curated by […]

William S. Burroughs: Forever Cool Kid

  Thanks to the Ace for sharing these!

Desperately Seeking Madonna

Uh. Desperately Seeking Susan is my favorite movie ever- especially that era of Madonna. This exhibition of Richard Corman photos of her Madgesty are not to be missed- check it […]

Madonna in Times Square

I don’t care whether you like the Madonna of today or not, but the Madonna of the Early 80s Lower East Side was freaking amazing. To celebrate her iconic status […]

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