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Iconic Met Life Tower to the Elegant New York Edition Hotel

The gilded cupola atop the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower has served as an icon of Madison Square Park since it was built in 1909. Modeled after the Campanile in […]

Catch a Gazing Globe by Paula Hayes in the middle of Madison Square Park

Paula Hayes’ beautiful Gazing Globes have descended upon Madison Square Park. The collection of 18 orbs glow throughout the northwest corner of the park, appearing as futuristic terrariums that hold […]

Oliver Herring’s TASK Party Takes Over Madison Square Park

Tomorrow- Oliver Herring is having a total take over of Madison Sq Park for a super fun arty party- TASK! AND ITS FREE On Saturday, September 6th, after MAD. SQ. 200’s Historic […]

Tonight! Rachel Feinstein’s Last Days of Folly in Madison Square Park

You guys! Tonight, on your way home, or while you wait in line for Shake Shack (do people still do that?), stop by Madison Square Park as Rachel Feinstein’s incredible […]

Iván Navarro’s Reservoir Towers are up!

Have you seen the latest Mad. Sq. Art contemporary art program? My light crush and socio-politically charged artstar Iván Navarro has been hard at work getting this amazing installation up! Can’t […]

ORLY GENGER – Red, Yellow and Blue

Madison Square Park Conservatory Square Art is installing Orly Genger’s trademark hand knotted nautical rope in Madison Square Park in waves of Red, Yellow and Blue – ”1.4 million feet of rope—the total length […]

100,000 Lbs of Rope

Now that Leo Villareal’s Buckyball is gone, Madison Square Park is ready for its next public art installation. Taking residence for the summer isn’t another glowing sculpture, but instead, rope. […]

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