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Large Coqui by Tom Otterness

There really are Tom Otterness pieces all over New York (like my not so favorite “Life Underground”). Living around the corner from this site, Otterness has given the playground of […]

It’ s Alive! Michael Alan’s Living Installation Strikes Again

Michael Alan is the kind of buoyant, visionary artist that comes around once in a generation. His constant innovation and creative interdisciplinary genius inspires all who meet him. And for […]

Visionary works by Joseph Arthur on View at Amy Li Projects

Joseph Arthur is first and foremost a creator. Starting with his imagination as the canvas, he distributes spiritual energy as paint, effecting startlingly evocative images. With all of his creations, […]

ABC No Rio

ABC no Rio, Lower East Side, DIY scene, punk rock shows

A Lower East Side institution since 1980, ABC No Rio is the epicenter of DIY culture- featuring  rock and punk shows, a gallery space and art studios. A collective of collectives, […]

History, Miscontrued: The Unmaking of Art opening at e-flux tonight

A conceptual approach to a lecture by Walter Benjamin, the renowned art theorist and critic, has spawned an exhibition opening tonight at e-flux on the Lower East Side. Taking the […]

Nick Walker <3 NYC

I bumped into Nick Walker as he was putting up his new love letter to New York on the side of the short lived Ludlow Manor bar (now called the […]

The Real Estate Show

Cuchifritos Gallery presents The Real Estate Show, What Next: 2014 with former Colab members and the first artists involved in The Real Estate Show.  Colab artists that addressed the worries of Lower East […]

VIDEO: Pull My Daisy

LitNerd Extra! The Beat Generation in glorious black and white! Taken from the third act of Jack Kerouac’s play Beat Generation with a jazz soundtrack by the still very active David […]

Katz Deli Gets Into the Art Game

Katz Deli is a New York institution- one of the only constants that will likely remain on the Lower East Side even after it turns into a luxury mall. It […]

Brian Leo “Party’s Over, If You Want It”

The LES is having a big “Opening Night: Art + Fashion” on Sunday, September 8th, 2013. Be sure to check out Brian Leo’s new show “Party’s Over, If You Want […]

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