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Abstractions of Me

I’ve been blablabla-ing about sitting for the ladies of RART last week at the Roger Smith Hotel. Well, one more bla-I freaking LOVE this abstract portrait of my friend Naomi […]

Pics: Every Which Way But Loose

ArtMRKT Hamptons was great. I couldn’t be happier with the sculpture garden I curated with QF Gallery, “Every Which Way But Loose,” with the works of Coby Kennedy, Nyugen Smith […]

Come See Me Speak at 3rd Ward!

Come see me speak tomorrow! I’ve been invited by Krista Saunders to speak on a panel this Thursday, June 13th, from 7-9pm at 3rd Ward. I’ll be weighing in my […]

CHERYL at Roger Smith Hotel- Curated by Lori Zimmer (ME!)

I told you to look out for my next curatorial project in June- and its here! I’m absolutely THRILLED to be working with my favorite weirdos CHERYL and The Roger […]

SCOPE Opening Photos of the ArtNerds

We had fun last night at the SCOPE New York Art Show VIP Opening! Here’s some artnerd photos: [portfolio_slideshow id=3354 autoplay=true loop=true showcaps=true ] Enjoy.  

The Nerdiest Tourist

Show us your Art Nerdy pics from vacation! Here’s Lori at the Tate Modern in front of the giant Hirst near Southbank!  

Make it Yourself- Chrysler Style

Yes, my Chrysler Building costume was awesome- and next year you can make your own by following my DIY tutorial on Inhabitat. I was inspired by Chrysler architect William Van […]

Guest Curating on Artsicle

Artsicle is a start up that helps new collectors figure out what piques their interest. The group manages a collection of young and up and coming artists, giving users a […]

The Original ART NERD: Lori featured in PMc Magazine

Nerding Out with Art Blogger LORI ZIMMER By Meaghan Coffey March 2012 Lori Zimmer has an impeccable memory that is perfectly suited for her latest project, Art Nerd New York; […]

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