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Ben Eine in the Air with Virgin

Revisiting this crazy awesome project from 2013 in time for Ben Eine’s opening tomorrow!! As we all know Sir Richard Branson is a genius and we love his new Gallery […]


Instagram cutouts with colorful cellophane filters have been found affixed to lampposts and walls all around popular London tourist spots – left there by Brazilian Artist, Bruno Riberio (aka. Nitchows). Nitchow’s project, Real […]

New York Artist, Marlo Pascual Unveiled in London’s West End

I’m really restraining myself from making a Tom Jones reference here – look at that – I guess I already did. I’ll spare you my corny Brit song references, but […]

A Lion in Cat’s Paws

The dead lion Sir Edward Landseer used for reference for his sculptures in Trafalgar Square decayed before he got to the paws, so instead he had to use his cat as a model. […]

REMED- Beyond Street Art

I love REMED’s street pieces- they go way beyond the street art culture and draw from art history, Matta, Mattise and even Bosch. I came across this mural next to […]

The Nerdiest Tourist

Show us your Art Nerdy pics from vacation! Here’s Lori at the Tate Modern in front of the giant Hirst near Southbank!  

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