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LOVE Lobster Telephone

Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone was a commission for the greatest patron of all time, Edward James, which I’m sure I will blather on about more another time…James had Dali make […]

Lori Loves Lobsters

I’m an accidental lobster collector- once when I was 15 I bought a vintage lobster pin (truthfully, it was likely a remnant of a Red Lobster uniform). ┬áThus, a lifetime […]

Nick Veasey’s Lobster Telephone

nick veasey, mauger modern, lobster telephone, x-ray art

Most of you know how obsessed with Dali’s Lobster Telephone I am. I mean, I DO have it tattooed on my arm (I truly am an art nerd) and was […]

Flavorwire Shout Out!

Got a weird surprise yesterday- a friend asked me if I knew I was on Flavorwire? And no, no I didn’t! But I guess my Lobster Telephone costume made it […]

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