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VIDEO: Kid Zoom/Ian Strange FINAL ACT

My friend Ian “Kid Zoom” Strange has left me in New York to embark on an incredible adventure of creating museum shows and transforming earthquake-affected homes in New Zealand into […]

The Kid Zoom Mural

I miss the Kid Zoom mural that he put on my old roof…before the building caught on fire. R.I.P.

Kid Zoom in Wburg

RIP the Kid Zoom mural that the artist-brother of mine painted on my roof back when I lived on Bedford Avenue. Sadly, it was victim to that super -suspicious fire […]

Ian Strange Studio Visit

Wednesday I stopped by my brother Ian Strange (Kid Zoom)’s massive studio in Bushwick to check out his upcoming museum show that will debut in Australia this July. I can’t […]

Shepard Fairey and Kid Zoom

When I lived on Bedford Avenue, my artist friends fought over who got to put a mural on my heavily-foot trafficked roof (the spot could be seen from the popular […]

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