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Keith Haring Two Dancing Figures

I do love Lower Manhattan, I love wandering around and looking up at the ornate architecture like a tourist, I love reading the placards placed around indicating where the water’s […]

Fashion Moda

During the time that John and Charlie Ahearn were making art amongst the neighborhoods in the South Bronx, Stefan Eins opened up Fashion Moda Gallery. As many galleries in the […]

Fun Gallery

This is the first site of the eponymous graffiti gallery. I love this story from founder Patti Astor “I was meeting all the graffiti artists while we were getting the […]

Keith Haring’s Ceiling

The famed doodley ceiling from Keith Haring’s Pop Shop lives! After a huge renovation in 2011, the New York Historical Society acquired the ceiling and installed it over the museum’s […]

Keith Haring’s Hospital Mural

What the hell is a 700 foot long Keith Haring mural doing in Woodhull Hospital? Believe it or not, the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation once set aside a percentage […]

Keith Haring – Crack is Wack!

There are a few places in New York where you can feel like you’ve transported back in time for just a second- when Keith Haring was still ruling New York […]

Haring’s Altarpiece Sold

One of Haring’s editions of Altarpiece: The Life of Christ (you can see one on the Upper West Side) sold this past November at one of Christie’s blockbuster auctions, blowing […]

Keith Haring at FUN

Love this hand drawn FUN Gallery flier for a Keith Haring Exhibition! (thanks 98 Bowery!)

Where Everyone Will Be Tonight : AREA at the Hole Curated by Jeffrey Deitch

I am more than sure that almost everyone will be at the AREA opening at the Hole tonight- 1. because it celebrates the glory days of New York nightlife and […]

Philly Celebrates Keith Haring Mural Restoration

There’s a sigh of relief knowing we’ve managed to save our Philly Keith Haring connection. As a kid I used to craft reasons to pass by the vibrant mural Keith […]

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