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Tonight! Support Young New Yorkers at Joseph Gross Gallery

Tonight, add a new piece to your collection from Swoon, David Hockney, Shepard Fairey, Miss Van or Gaia, while also supporting Young New Yorkers, an incredible program that creates arts-based programs […]

Joseph Gross Gallery is So Far, So Good

Newly rebranded Joseph Gross Gallery are presenting their second exhibition this Thursday, with Hueman,  Alex Yanes and our friend Erik Jones. We love Erik’s portrait abstractions that remind us of when […]

Tonight! Ted Lawson’s The Map is Not the Territory

Tonight! Step into the newly branded  Joseph Gross Gallery, for the opening of solo exhibition, “The Map is Not the Territory” by self-portraits-in-blood artist, Ted Lawson. I had a chance to […]

Welcome Joseph Gross Gallery to Manhood

You may have noticed that 28th Street’s ArtNowNY Gallery is no more (or you didn’t because who wanders by closed galleries in August). But if you did on your way […]

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