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Who’s Hairy? The Hairy Who in Discussion at Matthew Marks Gallery

Sometimes, an artist panel discussion comes along that speaks to everyone, and the exploration of the psychedelic works of the Hairy Who speaks to fans of graphic art, Mad Men […]

Agent Abstracteur: Illustrator Dan Matutina Draws Outside the Lines

Coming across artist and designer Dan Matutina’s illustrations for the first time feels like the first time watching the Jetsons: there lies before you a strangely familiar but ultimately more […]

Kitajico’s Lush Designs Evoke Early 20th Century Gone Sartorial

  I am instagram-infatuated with illustrator kitajico, a Japan-based artist¬†whose intricate creations combine precisely curved lines and delicate colors. Ranging from geometrical abstraction to detailed portraits, her work blows me […]

Prints by Jillian Nickell #GETIT

Freelance illustrator, Jillian Nickell, creates beautiful, limited edition screen prints out of her home studio in Chicago. Her printed layers of color brilliantly convey form + texture. Her imagery is […]

#GETIT Illustrated Fabric Pouches by Paper Sparrow

We here at Art Star think Paper Sparrow is the cat’s pajamas and our customers seem to agree! ¬†Paper Sparrow is a line of products like prints and stationary that […]

It’s Memorial Day Borough Bingo!

I hope this gets to you guys in time – Vanity Fair just dropped these cute bingo inspired illustration cards by San Francisco illustrator, Jessica Taich based on New York […]

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