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Gallery Bar

Gallery Bar has taken the Lower East Side gallery trend to a new level, being a gallery by day and two-level lounge/bar at night. Sounds very smart to me in […]

VIDEO :: College Humor Gets Art Openings

Believe me, sometimes I wanna do this too.¬†Happy Monday! CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos Entire Art Gallery Gets Pranked.” Watch what happens when a patron ruins paintings in front of a […]

Thinkspace at SCOPE

David Cooley There's Something To Be Learned From A Rainstorm Mixed Media.jpg

I’m excited to check out Thinkspace Gallery @ SCOPE New York Booth H03.

Art Nerd NY at AAF Seattle

Seattle is an interesting place contemporary art-wise, iconic antlers and birds are common motifs.¬† Occasionally, we get some intriguing shows of abstract paintings relating to science (cosmology, physics and geology) […]

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