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Message in a Bottle at Scope Art Show Miami

Hello from sunny Florida! We are killin’ it in our booth here in Miami! It came out so amazingly thanks to the expert design skills of Beau Stanton and Chantel […]

Message in a Bottle at Scope Miami

I’m very excited for the booth I curated for Scope Miami, opening December 2nd. Message in a Bottle explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it […]

3 Boobed Biotch

Recognize any of these bitches? Just a little snippet of Don Pablo Pedro’s show at English Kills Gallery.  

Don Pablo Pedro’s Puss

Uh, if you ever wanted to see a nude portrait of me with three boobs and amputated legs, then come to Pedro’s show tomorrow! (I’m serious) Don Pablo Pedros’s second […]

Don Pablo Pedro Scrolls- Buy This Now!

Normally I’m not super into buying prints- they are affordable but THEN you gotta get them framed. HOWEVER, I think I’ve found the deal of the internet- these printed muslin […]

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