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Lever House Art Collection

Jeff Koons, David LaChapelle, Barbara Krueger, Damien Hirst, EV Day

The Lever House was one of the first glassy skyscrapers to open on Park Avenue, changing the look of the masonry street into a business center in 1952. ┬áNow we […]

VIDEO: LaChapelle Does Dandy Warhols

Remember when David LaChapelle took his signature saturated candy colored Amanda Lepore-filled world to the Dandy Warhol’s video? Bring back the art of the music video please!

Daphne Guiness and David LaChapelle’s Delicious Brave New World Mind Fuck

I want to live inside the candy colored futuristic Brave New World glitz of Daphne Guiness’ new music video- yea MUSIC. And she ain’t bad. The elaborate costumes, sets and […]

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